Mast Capital

Camilo Miguel Jr., CEO & Founder

Mast Capital, led by CEO Camilo Miguel Jr., is a Miami Beach-based real estate development and investment firm that looks to acquire, enhance, and develop properties across various asset classes. Mast has established itself as a leading investor and developer of high-end residential, hospitality, office, and retail projects, with a particular focus in high barrier to entry markets. Mast employs a sophisticated team with distinctive talents and abilities that enables the company to execute its singular vision of delivering excellence in its investments and projects.


Rene Gonzalez, Architect

Rene creates buildings that actively engage in a “design conversation” with their surroundings. Founded in 1997 in Miami, the multi-award-winning firm believes that a building is inexorably linked to the cultural and natural environment beyond its physical boundaries. The firm’s designs are influenced by external factors, both ethereal and earthly, including sky, water, vegetation, and the bustle of human activity.

Miami Architect Ren Gonzales infront Of mosaic mural at the CIFO Museum. All Rights Reserved. ©Jeffery Salter 2013 Please contact Photographer Jeffery Salter (305) 773 6356 or Jeff@Jefferysalter.com for additional usage.

Savino & Miller Design Studio

Adriana Savino, Barry Miller Landscape Architect

Savino & Miller Design Studio (SMDS) provides design services in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Urban Design. The studio consists of an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to enhance our urban spaces and landscapes through artistry and ecological sensitivity. Through a creative, holistic exploration of ideas and collaboration, their goal is to enrich experience, invite social interaction, and engage the cultural and environmental context of a site. Their diverse portfolio includes a range of award-winning projects in both the private and public sectors of different scales and scope: from residential, hotel, and commercial spaces to large urban parks, site master planning, and streetscape design. SMDS’ wide spectrum of completed projects is testament to their commitment to achieving their client’s goals with imagination and sustainable practices.